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Get to know us!

Want to form your own opinion regarding who we are and what we do? Then come to one of our events, and you will have the opportunity to do just that.

Bosch Junior Managers Program

Our entry program opens the door to a career as an executive with Bosch. You get to choose your focal areas.


No matter what stage in life you have reached, we have just the right opportunity for you to achieve success with us.

Choose your starting point:


Experience Bosch as a strong partner through your course of studies. Get some valuable experience under your belt during an internship, write your thesis with us, or get ready for your Master’s degree – we offer all sorts of opportunities.



Join us right after graduating or prepare yourself for a career as a professional or an executive with one of our graduate programs.

Specialists and executives

Are you well versed in your area of work and are looking for a new challenge? We offer challenging opportunities – and excellent prospects – at all career levels.